May 15-17,2024
China Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall
-- days until opening

Automotive Electronics: Automotive Components & In-vehicle System, Semiconductors, Electronic Components & Devices, ECU Manufacturing & Testing Technology, In-vehicle Software Development, ADAS/Autonomous Driving Technology, EMC/Noise Reduction, Thermal Management Technology, Design Engineering & Development Solution ect,
EVs Power Electronics and Automotive LED:  IGBT/MOSFET, Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC), Automotive LED Chip/Light Source, Production equipment, Materials, Packaging and Testing, Thermal management, Testing and certification  ect,
Smart Cockpit: Cockpit domain controller(CDC), Soc, MCU, GPU, NPU, display, AR HUD, Ambient light, Operating system, Car stereo, Human-computer interaction system, car interior ect,
EV/HV technologies: Drive System, Rechargeable Batteries, Next-generation Batteries, Motor Technologies, Inverters, Peripherals, Chargers, Connectors, Harnesses ect,
Autonomous Driving: Sensors, Radars, AI/semiconductors, Dynamic maps, Testing Solutions, Security Solutions  ect,
Intelligent chassis Technologies: Chassis integration, Intelligent and electronic chassis technology, transmission system driving system, braking systemect, steering system, ect
Lightweight Technologies:Materials, Molding / Processing Technologies, Processing Equipment, Components / Modules, Dissimilar Material Joining Technology, Other Technologies for Automotive Weight Reduction ect,
Automotive Test: Test simulation; NVH analysis, Engine/emissions testing, Materials testing, Vibration and shock testing,Acoustic testing, Environmental testing, Automated test equipment (ATE), EMC/electrical interference testing, Software test, Component testing ,Tire testing ect.