May 15-17,2024
China Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall
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Guangzhou Automotive Electronics Technology Expo is one of the shows consisting AUTO TECH.

It gathers a variety of automotive electronics technologies such as components, materials, software, manufacturing equipment and testing technologies, etc.
Automotive OEMs and Tier 1&2 suppliers visit the exhibition to find suppliers and partners. The exhibition has established itself as a must-attend event for automotive industry professionals.


The China Guangzhou Automotive Electronics Technology Expo 2024 will take place from May 15-17 ,2024 at the Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou, China. As one of 8 themed exhibitions held inside AUTO TECH 2024, It will attract more than 500 companies to show the latest technologies and products, together with other important topics such as connected car, EV/HV, lightweight, smart cockpit, test and autonomous driving. Meanwhile, the event organizer will invite auto OEMs, R&D centers and Tier 1&2 suppliers to visit the show such as GAC, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, BYD, Tesla, Xiaopeng, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC, Geely, GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, NIO, FAW, Bosch, Continental, Magna and any others from China and all over the world.


Exhibit Profile
Automotive Components & In-vehicle System: Engine Control System, Safety/Comfort Control System, In-vehicle Networking System, Communication/ITS-related System, Chassis Control System
Semiconductors, Electronic Components & Devices: In-vehicle Semiconductors, Sensors, Batteries, In-vehicle PCBs,Camera Modules,Capacitors/Condensers, Connectors/Cables/Harnesses, Resistors, Touch-panels/Display Modules (LCD/FED/VFD), Communication Modules, Fine Processing Technologies etc.
Testing Technologies: ECU Testing Tools/Software, ECU Diagnosis and Verification Services,Testing, Inspection and Analysis Devices/Software for, CAE Software, Debuggers etc.
ECU Manufacturing & Testing Technology: ECU Manufacturing (Mounters/ Soldering Machines/ Resin Molding/ Dispensers/ Rework Machines/ Laser Cutting Machines), SMT Materials (Soldering Materials / Adhesives, Thermally Conductive Materials/ PCB Materials), Inspection Equipment (Visual Inspection Equipment, AOI/ Solder Pate Inspection Equipment/ X-ray Inspection Equipment/ Testers, 3D Measuring Machines/ Repair System), Contract SMT, Contract Manufacturing Services etc.
In-vehicle Software Development: Development Tools (Modeling Tools/ Design Support Tools/ Require -ment Management Tools/ Source Code Management Tools/ State Transition Management Tools/ Configu -ration Management Tools/ Prototype Composers Tools/ Model-based Development Tools/ Program Analysis Tools),Testing, Inspection,Contract  Development etc.
ADAS/Autonomous Driving Technology: ADAS(Pre-crash Safety System/ Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RV M) System/ Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System/ Night Vision System), Radars (Millimeter-wave Radars/ Quasi-millimeter Wave Radars/ Infrared Lasers/ Leaser Radars), Sensor Modules(CMOS Sensors/ Ultrasonic Sensors/ GPS Sensors/ Acceleration Sensors), Camera Modules (Stereo Cameras/ Infrared Camer as/ Lens Modules), Image Processing System,Semiconductors IC(FPGA/ Microcomputers/ Memory/ASIC/), In -vehicle OS,R&D Support Tools, Services (ADAS Algorithm Development Tools/ Software/ EDA/Driv -ing Simulation System/ Various Demonstration & Testing Services) etc.
EMC/Noise Reduction: EMC Components(Ferrite Cores/ Coils/ RAM/ EMC Filters/ Noise Suppression Parts, etc.), Testing & Measuring Equipment(EMC Measuring Systems/ Electrostatic Testing Devices/EMC Testing Service, etc.), Design & Simulation Technologies, Anechoic Chambers, etc.
Thermal Management Technology:  Thermal Management Materials (Aluminum Substrates / Metallic Sub -strates/ Heat Dissipation Materials/ Insulating Materials/ High Thermal Conductive Resins, etc), Thermal  Management Components (Heat Sinks / Radiator Fins/ Temperature Sensors / Heat Pipes/ Thermal Fuses, etc.), Thermal Design, Analysis Technologies (Thermo-fluid Analysis Software / Heat Conduction Analysis Software / Thermal Characterisation Analyser, etc ) etc.
Design Engineering & Development Solution: CAD, CAM, CAE, Other related IT solutions for automotive design and development.


Visitor Profile
Automobile Manufacturer
Automotive Components Manufacturer


Side Forum
International Forum on Automotive Electronics Technology Innovation

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